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The hentai & anime app for Android, iPhone, iPad


All the content of the app is hentai and anime. We are updating content constantly. For all the hentai lovers!


A perfect user experience in a hentai app totally free. With a modern user interface crafted with love since 2009.


Doujins hentai app pass all the antivirus and malware for android, iPhone and iPad. We not store and share any personal information.

Huge hentai and anime content

We have indexed more than 90,000+ hentai books and 600+ animes.

We add content every day to bring you the best hentai content daily.

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List of hentai and anime

In the app we offer all the hentais and mangas with their covers to quickly find the one you like.

We also use a paging system so you can move quickly between the content.

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Hentai and anime details screen

The hentai and anime details screen show the title, description, views, rates, likes and tags.

Use the tags buttons to find more doujinshi or hentai about this category.

Rate and like every hentai. Enjoy our Doujins App community.

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Content quality

In the app we show great quality of hentai and anime content.

Use the page menu option to jump to specific page, save the image in your device or share in Twitter, Email, Messages, etc.

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Search options and Tags

Use the Browse by Tag screen to search hentai by different category or tag. You can select multiple tags at once.

Also, you can use the Search option for search by keywords, title, etc.

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Save your favorites in our cloud system. Don’t worry about reinstalling or change devices. The favorites are binded to your account.

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Doujins – The hentai app experience

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  • Version: 0.0.1
  • Date: 2019-06-18
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iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows

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  • Compatible with all mobile devices: Android, iPhone, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.
  • No installation or special setup required.

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